Photoessay: Naksan Park Fortress Walk

I ventured into Seoul to pick up a book, purchased through the infamous Craig’s List. I ended the afternoon with two new friends and some  beautiful photographs of the old fortress wall that stretches between the two gates in Dongdaemun (동대문) and Hyehwa (혜화). Naksan Park is the name of the green area and pathways around the stone wall, and while the greenery is great, the older, more traditional houses you can take a peek at are just as interesting for the eyes. The sweeping views of the Seoul metropolis don’t hurt either. Thanks to my new friend for pointing me in its direction, because the historic walk to Dongdaemun was a beautiful way to spend the rest of my afternoon before a long ride home.

IMG_0926 ED

IMG_0938 ED

IMG_0932 ED

IMG_0940 ED

IMG_0981 ED

IMG_0949 ED

IMG_0969 ED2

IMG_0995 ED

IMG_1006 ED

IMG_1021 ED

IMG_1043 ED

IMG_1032 ED

IMG_1061 ED

IMG_1053 ED

IMG_1063 ED

IMG_1070 ED

IMG_1075 ED


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Photoessay: Nature Walk in the Countryside

I’ve often walked down the one lane roads that wind between rice paddies for miles and gawked at the excess of natural beauty, but it was only this week that I let my camera in on my little secret. Get ready for plants, lots of green, rice sprouts, a guest appearance by a snake and so, so, SO many spiders. (Maybe don’t look at these pictures before bed if you’re prone to spightmares.) Otherwise, enjoy the mid-morning walk in my sneakers, except for the leftover spiderwebs sticking to your face.

IMG_0607 ED

IMG_0631 ED

IMG_0638 ED

IMG_0641 ED

IMG_0618 ED

IMG_0643 ED

IMG_0674 ED

IMG_0698 ED

IMG_0683 ED

IMG_0720 ED

IMG_0751 ED

IMG_0746 ED

IMG_0767 ED

IMG_0775 ED


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