it’s official: I’m in a blogging funk

and a writing funk, and a studying Korean funk, and a getting out of my superbly warm bed in the morning on these cold winter days.

and I’ll probably be in this funk for another week or two. because that’s how these work… they suck the life out of you until you stop and recuperate. so I need to do that.

upcoming fun:

CHRISTMAS, OBVIOUSLY Continue reading it’s official: I’m in a blogging funk

how to become exhausted

work a full-time job, which means rush through dinner four days a week to catch the bus and proceed to your part-time job.

teach an extra five classes on top of your normal class load, without warning or time to prepare. (at least those extra five were lessons from the book?)

continue to drill Korean words into your skull… over and over and over. Continue reading how to become exhausted

my microwave buttons are in Korean

I’m in my studio apartment after quite a long trip, which I’ve survived without any screaming babies or smelly people. That in and of itself deserves some celebration, in my opinion.

so since I’m overwhelmed with Korean and the fact that no one speaks any English and that my apartment has a couch (score!) – I’ll just post these fun facts about the trip thus far:

  • my recruiter quit smoking a year and a half ago, which upgrades him from “church-goer” to “christian”. his wife is ecstatic.
  • they were very excited that I was coming and that I was a girl. as a result, my apartment has various pink alterations that they’ve added since the last teacher, a guy, left. Continue reading my microwave buttons are in Korean