accomplishing things in Korea: technology

I’m aware that the rest of the world may have already figured this out ages ago, but I am feeling prettttty accomplished right now. I figured out how to do something that completely changes my life. the world of technology is wonderful but dark and mysterious, and I’ve finally managed to cast light on one of the more important secrets hiding in the murky depths of cords and plugs and screens and stuff: I now am able to get my computer screen and audio to play on my TV. Continue reading accomplishing things in Korea: technology

It’s a Korean thing: Kakao Talk

This, my friends is a little phone app called Kakao Talk. In Korea, this is more important than a lot of things… eating dinner, having a job, maybe combing your hair everyday. (Scratch that, nothing is more important than having recently combed hair.) It’s so important, because it’s the universal free messaging application used by Koreans. I’m not just talking young people here… I’m talking everyone. Like my co-workers. Like if my mom was in Korea right now, she’d have Kakao. Actually, she already does, because I made her and my immediate family download it. When I first got my phone, a Korean friend of mine took it and immediately installed Kakao. My phone was essentially naked before the Kakao app, now it’s fully clothed and ready to go out in public. If there’s a smart phone that exists in Korea without this application installed, it’s probably in the bottom of a garbage can. Continue reading It’s a Korean thing: Kakao Talk

my new bidet

ever since I’ve gotten to Korea, my school and particularly the guy in charge of my housing/banking/logistics, have been going all out on getting me everything I need. this includes that snazzy pink furniture, a new desk being put in my classroom for me,  apartment things like a new toaster, fan and iron, and even a little shopping trip… during which I was paraded around the entire store, asked “do you need this?” the generosity has been amazing, to say the least.

but today’s installment in my apartment? I have no words. none.

introducing, the newest member of my bathroom: the bidet. Continue reading my new bidet