iPhone Photoessay: Cats of Istanbul


Istanbul is huge: it covers three separate land masses and is filled with a seriously diverse bunch of people. Each neighborhood has a distinct feel and you could easily stay for a lifetime and keep it interesting. But there’s one thing that all areas have in common: street cats. A lot of them.

They are well fed by restaurant and store owners that set out food and take care of them. Many are friendly. Most just want to sit near the heat lamps you have set up near your table and eat the scraps that fall off your plate. Some are particularly adorable and many can be found in the most surprising of places. Enjoy the photographs.

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Meet Mary: Rescuing A Puppy in Korea

Last month, when I thought about my life in Korea, or the immediate future, having a pet was not one of my thoughts or aspirations. I love to travel and am always hesitant about acquiring what I like to think of as “permanent possessions”, or something that can’t be left behind or replaced. I don’t have an eReader or a large camera and I resist buying clothing that I’ll ultimately get rid of before my next big move. There are multiple international flights in my foreseeable future. For someone who travels, owning a dog is pretty much last on the list of things that will make life easier. But sometimes… life doesn’t really care about any of that.

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