Photoessay: Stunning Sunsets in Spain

When I visited Germany for two weeks last summer, I was extremely lucky with the weather. Blue skies hung above me for nearly the entire trip and I even put together a photoessay of all the sky shots I captured throughout my time there. As I left South Korea, as well, I went through my photographs and found a ton of beautiful sunsets and was quite grateful for the fair weather I was able to enjoy, as well as the beautiful scenery that went with it. Along those same lines, my month in Spain was graced with clear skies and some gorgeous sunsets, some of the best I’ve seen in my (admittedly short) life.

From Barcelona to the Southern coast, from Cádiz to the urban metropolis of Madrid, the beautiful sunsets followed me and forced me to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounded me.

IMG_8456 ED R
Port of Barcelona, Spain
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Alicante, Spain
Cala de la Palmera, Alicante, Spain
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Agua Dulce, Spain
Agua Dulce, Spain
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Mojacár, Spain
Mojácar, Spain
The same sunset, with purple-tinted sunglasses held in front of my camera as I took the photograph.
The same sunset, with purple-tinted sunglasses held in front of my camera as I took the photograph.
Cádiz, Spain
Cádiz, Spain
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Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Have you ever been gifted with spectacular weather or sunsets while traveling? Do you need more reasons to visit Spain, now? Which sunset is your favorite?

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Photoessay: Picture Perfect Pittsburgh

One of my goals while at home this past month was to really soak up Pittsburgh and everything it has to offer. Couple that with my budding passion for photography, and it was only a matter of time until I picked up my camera and tried to capture what I see as an iconic city. First as a steel and industrial city, and more recently as a revived and historical city, yet ripe with everything hipster and grassroot-y. Over the past week, the weather has finally cleared up enough to snap some shots and I have to say, I love some of the photographs I’ve taken of Pittsburgh. I feel as though I’ve done a pretty decent job of capturing what it is that I adore about this town.

If you haven’t already, take a minute to meet Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: home of obsessive sports fans, a lot of movie sets and almost Hilary Duff but in the end, not.

One of a million of Pittsburgh’s beautiful overlooks… because it’s full of giant hills.

IMG_7847 ED R

IMG_7830 ED R

IMG_7825 ED R

See the river up there? It was completely frozen over, from shore to shore. Talk about cold weather!

IMG_7889 ED R

IMG_7906 ED R

IMG_7878 ED R

Next up, the photos with a flare of drama. AKA, me playing around with my camera settings and not being consistent. Whoopsies.

IMG_7916 ED R

IMG_7924 ED R

IMG_7937 ED R

IMG_7999 ED R

IMG_7845 ED R

IMG_7940 ED R

IMG_7952 ED R

IMG_7928 ED R

IMG_7993 ED R

IMG_8006 ED R

Not pictured: incredible ethnic restaurants galore, the man hollering at my sweet leather Converse while I walk down the street, honking river geese, river geese poop (watch your step on those river trails!), awesome biking culture and the sweet Pittsburghese accent that many Yinzers (Pittsburgh natives) wear with pride.

Oh and the negative a million degree weather isn’t pictured well, either. But that’s made better by all the hipster coffee shops and their in-house-roasted beans that I transform into delicious, aromatic medicine that warms me up once I head back inside.

No, it’s not so bad, after all. Despite the weather, it’s good to be home.squiggle3

Like what you see? You can find more pictures of frozen Pittsburgh on Laura of Eclectic Travel Girl’s blog, some very similar, probably because we were walking together while we took them…

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Photoessay: Stunning Sunsets in Rural Korea

My area, particularly Waymok Beach is actually quite famous within Korea for its incredible sunsets. I live a few kilometers from the famed beach view, but my view of the sunset is usually pretty stunning, regardless. Framed by seemingly endless rice paddies, some beautiful cloud formations and a distant ocean, I’ve managed to capture a few killer shots. I also took a little trip to the nearby seawall to capture the photographs with the pagoda in them.

So enjoy this assortment of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen in my area, and my attempts to catch them on camera. Whoever said that the countryside was boring obviously didn’t look around long enough to catch these beautiful moments.



IMG_0831 R ED



IMG_0854 R ED


IMG_5449 R ED

IMG_9265 R ED

IMG_0884 R ED


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Photoessay: My Backyard in Rural Korea

As many of you know, I live in a pretty rural area of South Korea. When I first started delving into DSLR photography, my backyard seemed like the perfect place to practice. Looking back, practicing around the neighborhood has also yielded some of my favorite shots.

Take a little walk in my shoes through these photographs. South Korea isn’t just Seoul, and if you get the chance to venture out and see this authentic and rough side of the hermit kingdom, then take it.

Backyard Series
Industry/construction is big in this area. So are pink and purple apartment buildings, apparently.

Backyard Series

Backyard Series

Backyard Series
I’ve been living right next to a barn full of cows and I didn’t even know it.
Backyard Series
The rice paddies never end.

Backyard Series


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travel diary down South: Cheonan, Daegu, Tong Yeong and Busan (Korea)

vacation time: it’s glorious. but it ends before you know it. I’m back in my little apartment already, although I have until tomorrow (Sunday) to be away… but when it’s time to go home and you know it, then it’s best to go home. and according to my bank account, it was definitely time.

(it’s weird how vacations just eat money, kind of like my cousins’ dogs eat the food we “accidentally” throw on the floor during dinner.)

anyhow, short as my trip was, I managed to cover a decent amount of ground and still enjoy myself at the same time. revision: I had a blast. here’s the lowdown: Continue reading travel diary down South: Cheonan, Daegu, Tong Yeong and Busan (Korea)