The Eight Month Mark

As of the 23rd, it’ll be eight months since my plane touched down in South Korea and I started my first “real” job. There’s nothing special about why I picked the eighth month to write about and not the ninth or the seventh; it just happens that I decided to count recently, as I’d lost track of the time. So here I am, eight months in, and (as always, as everyone always does) wondering when all eight of those months passed me by, exactly.

A lot has changed since that month of June. For one, working with my students has gotten infinitely easier. They’ve gotten used to me being a teacher, I’ve picked up some actual teaching skills and I’ve gotten accustomed to what it’s like to work in a private middle school in Korea. No doubt, I’ll have surprise after surprise still sprung at me (as usual), but that’s okay. I’m flexible. I’ll figure it out. Continue reading The Eight Month Mark

Reflections on Five Months in South Korea

This is no joke. And I’m not sure where time went, that suddenly I’ve hit a huge landmark. Five seems like an arbitrary number, but it’s actually quite significant. Five months is the longest time I’ve ever spent away from home and not seeing anyone in my family. From here on out, it’s uncharted territory. (Except that every day I spend in Korea is already pretty uncharted territory for me… this country is full of crazy.)

And as my friend so eloquently put yesterday, you’re probably wondering: “So, what’s the verdict?” Continue reading Reflections on Five Months in South Korea