things I don’t understand

  • why I am teaching classes for my co-teacher, who has never actually spoken to me or acknowledged my presence and who asks me to do him these favors through the other co-teacher
  • middle school brains. like what ?!
  • why there is so much instant coffee everywhere and why most of it is pre-ruined with sugar and powdered milk
  • Korean men
  • men
  • Korean women
  • women
  • Korean
  • the widespread obsession with and variety of ramen noodles
  • what I’m doing in Korea attempting to teach incomprehensible middle school brains to speak English
  • why and mostly how acorns are used in that gelatin from lunch last week
  • how I’m still happy living in this kimchi saturated Asian land despite all of these things

how to become exhausted

work a full-time job, which means rush through dinner four days a week to catch the bus and proceed to your part-time job.

teach an extra five classes on top of your normal class load, without warning or time to prepare. (at least those extra five were lessons from the book?)

continue to drill Korean words into your skull… over and over and over. Continue reading how to become exhausted

Weird Noms: Raw Beef

No dying involved, simply deliciousness.

My entire childhood I was taught that raw meat would kill me, but I woke up this morning still breathing, so I’ve concluded that this is false.

This is a Korean traditional food. It’s raw beef. Mixed with a raw egg. Sounds gross, right? But being adventurous, I’ll try any food once. I wasn’t expecting to like this one, but it was actually delicious.

I wouldn’t suggest trying this one at home… you know. In case you die or something.


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It’s a Korean thing: Kakao Talk

This, my friends is a little phone app called Kakao Talk. In Korea, this is more important than a lot of things… eating dinner, having a job, maybe combing your hair everyday. (Scratch that, nothing is more important than having recently combed hair.) It’s so important, because it’s the universal free messaging application used by Koreans. I’m not just talking young people here… I’m talking everyone. Like my co-workers. Like if my mom was in Korea right now, she’d have Kakao. Actually, she already does, because I made her and my immediate family download it. When I first got my phone, a Korean friend of mine took it and immediately installed Kakao. My phone was essentially naked before the Kakao app, now it’s fully clothed and ready to go out in public. If there’s a smart phone that exists in Korea without this application installed, it’s probably in the bottom of a garbage can. Continue reading It’s a Korean thing: Kakao Talk

where do I even begin?

obviously there are about a million and one things going through my mind right now: my first day of school, the weird things I’ve noticed, the middle-schoolers, the food, the elderly and the obsession with these slippers that everyone has to wear indoors… but I think I’m going to start where every expat/study abroad student/international traveler must begin. that is, looking like an idiot.

once again, when I think of times that I’ve already looked like an idiot, more than a few instances have come to mind. over it. a couple of these have a running theme, though, so I’m going to run with it and tell you! Continue reading where do I even begin?