Photoessay: Gongju + Daejeon Weekend Getaway

The warm weather is really making me happy again. This past weekend, Saturday’s weather was perfect and beautiful. Sunday was markedly chillier, but still bright and sunny. It was the perfect weekend to make a short trip: Gongju + Daejeon. If you’re in travel range and have a free weekend, visiting cities like this can be really refreshing and I definitely recommend it. Here’s what I saw:

1. Gongsanseong Fortress (공주 공산성) – it was actually my second time there, so I opted out of the 2.5km walk around the outer wall. This time, though, I got to try out my hand at archery and really enjoyed it. Continue reading Photoessay: Gongju + Daejeon Weekend Getaway

the end of a job

after some shaky attendance and a few classes for which nobody showed up (causing me to lose three hours of my life), my teaching gig after-school has come to a close a little earlier than expected. while I’m sad that the class had to be prematurely canceled, I’m also relieved. not knowing whether no students or two students would show up to a class registered with over fifteen people was quite an annoyance. that’s what happens, though, when you offer free classes, after hours, with no repercussions for signing up and not attending… during one of the most stressful (and important!) months for the interns, who comprise over half of those registered. Continue reading the end of a job

Sports Day

today we had a mini-olympics for the kids. enjoy the photos!

no… I did not participate.

and yes, in that last photo… he is crossing the finish line gangnam style.
(what, gangnam style? watch this video.)

my job rocks and you’re jealous

while talking to people here and there, I’ve come to realize something I had previously overlooked: my job is awesome.

I’m not talking about my job teaching English in Korea (which is also pretty awesome), but about my specific job. my school, my contract and my living situation is pretty bad-ass. it’s also the only job I applied for, so it’s pretty obvious that I lucked-out big time.

reasons: Continue reading my job rocks and you’re jealous