February + March (Pathetic) Reading Roundup

Ever since I put my travel feet back on, my reading routine has gone right down the drain. It started with a few bad beginnings back in February, when I tried to read two books that I just couldn’t get into before setting off to Europe, and I left them unfinished and felt bitter about it. Then Spain took over, with about a billion things to see in such a short time. You’d think I could find downtime while I traveled from one place to another, but alas, I have motion sickness and reading is one of the best ways to put my tummy in a foul mood while I’m on my way to or fro. When February turned to March, I realized that I’d not finished a single book that month. Ugh.

So I turned to fiction. And I was able to read one book during a lazy day in Seville, then later, during my two weeks in a hostel in Ireland, I devoured a science fiction novel a friend recommended to me. And with two books under my belt, that’s a good enough excuse to write a very pathetic roundup of these past two months. What else can I do, except admit my defeat? I’m sorry, books, I’ve abandoned you. I’ll see you when I can.

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Fiction / Recommended

The story focuses around the premises that this girl can relive her life, over and over, doing it better each time. She dies a ton of times, and it’s interesting to think that small choices might change your life in giant ways. For such a far out concept, the writing was well done and it felt realistic, strangely.

Dune by Frank Herbert

Fiction / Recommended

Written in the 60s, this book is one of the great classics of science fiction novels, and I can easily tell why. I picked this book up and didn’t put it down until I was finished, some 500 pages later. The only bad news is that it’s part of a series, so even though the book is done, the story isn’t. Ahhhh!

I think the only way to remedy my lack of reading is to get a hold of some really addicting fiction, science fiction and fantasy books and indulge my inner nerd. The travel and foreign language I encounter on a daily basis exhausts me (although I love it!), and nonfiction reading doesn’t help. At all. I need to listen to my brain and give it the creative, fun reading it’s asking for.

What do you like to read while you’re on the road? Recommendations are always, always appreciated!

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