Photoessay: A Neighborhood in Rural Taean

Over a long weekend, I took a little trip to Padori Beach in Taean, South Korea. The area is remote to say the least, so finding a remote place in a remote area? Turns out it yields some interesting photographs. These are from a small neighborhood tucked behind the beach and quite a bit away from the main roads. From the photographs it would seem as though the whole place is deserted, but that’s not the case. I just happen to wake up and take my dog for walks at hours when civilization isn’t ready for it. Also, the few people I saw were elderly Korean ajummas. And one does not simply take a picture of an ajumma, my friend.

Enjoy yet another look into rural, countryside life in the high-tech internet capital of the world, South Korea. The contrast is amazing, isn’t it?

(The featured photograph of a farm ladder from a little bit ago was also taken during this walk.)

IMG_5308 ED R

IMG_5315 ED R

IMG_5319 ED R

IMG_5324 ED R

IMG_5336 ED R

IMG_5337 ED R

IMG_5345 ED R

IMG_5343 ED R
(You can buy prints of this photograph here.)

IMG_5344 ED R

IMG_5347 ED R

IMG_5327 ED R

IMG_5349 ED R

IMG_5351 ED R

IMG_5353 ED R

IMG_5357 ED R

IMG_5359 ED R

IMG_5364 ED R

IMG_5372 ED R

IMG_5375 ED R


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Featured Photograph: Farm Ladder

IMG_5376 R W

Taken in a rural farming neighborhood in remote Taeon, South Korea.

(Heads up: if you’re interested, you can also buy prints of this photograph, without the watermark.)


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Photoessay: Tug of War Festival

the flags lead the huge procession
Flags lead the huge procession.

Every year, there is a Tug of War festival held in a town called Giji-si, outside of Dangjin, South Korea. The tradition is over 500 years old, but recently has become a much bigger event than it previously was… the now annual construction of two massive ropes and a huge field for festivities have helped make the festival extremely popular.

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a whirlwind weekend of wonderful: cultural farm experience in Jeollanam-do

I’ve never been a big fan of group trips while I’m living abroad, because of a few (admittedly petty) reasons. first of all, I despise being part of a foreigner parade and watching locals gawk at “all the foreigners”. it’s weird. it’s uncomfortable. secondly, I am pretty introverted and when it comes to spending an excess amount of hours with a bunch of people I am somewhat obligated to make small talk with, I get overwhelmed. I’d rather not. the last reason is that I like doing my own thing, because group tours will often visit sites that I’m simply not interested in. I wanna see my own places. I like to wander off the trail and do my own thing. but, all that being said, I made an exception over a recent weekend and signed up for a two-day group trip with Adventure Korea. (the same company that took me on the DMZ trip.)

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