the end of a job

after some shaky attendance and a few classes for which nobody showed up (causing me to lose three hours of my life), my teaching gig after-school has come to a close a little earlier than expected. while I’m sad that the class had to be prematurely canceled, I’m also relieved. not knowing whether no students or two students would show up to a class registered with over fifteen people was quite an annoyance. that’s what happens, though, when you offer free classes, after hours, with no repercussions for signing up and not attending… during one of the most stressful (and important!) months for the interns, who comprise over half of those registered. Continue reading the end of a job

getting back to work

I’ve been on vacation from the middle school for, oh, a month or so. I’ve started my second job in the evenings and have by no means been bored out of my mind, but tomorrow, Monday… it’s back to work. kids come back, classes resume and my schedule will be in full swing. and it’s gonna kick my butt.

this is how my life will look for the next two months (until my second job ends). Continue reading getting back to work