Pepero Day in Korea

Today’s blog post was a no-brainer, because it’s one of my favorite holidays in Korea: Pepero Day! Yes, the holiday is totally invented by corporate magnates who wanted to sell more of their Pepero. Yes, there is no real meaning behind the holiday, and it’s only on November 11th because 11/11 looks remotely like four Pepero sticks in a row. I get it, I’m buying into the system and it’s stupid, etc… but look. I’m a teacher, so I’m pretty much exclusively on the receiving end of this tradition. So celebrate it, I will! I love Pepero Day!

In Korean, it’s spelled 빼빼로, which if I do say so, looks adorable.  Pepero is actually a brand name and it’s also acceptable to buy the competing brand named Pocky. (Like when you buy Puffs instead of Kleenex and still call it a Kleenex.) Pepero are essentially just pretzel sticks, unsalted, and dipped in chocolate. They come in multiple flavors and this year, they came out with some pretty rocking new ones. I received just the classics, though.

Today's bounty of deliciousness.
Today’s bounty of deliciousness.

The typical flavors are: plain chocolate or chocolate with pieces of almond in them. An older but less popular flavor is the reverse of a classic Pepero, where the chocolate is inside of the tube. The new flavors are pretty awesome: strawberry, melon (surprisingly incredible), and the best flavor ever and ever and ever, cookies and cream. There may be another flavor I’m missing, but it doesn’t matter. Oreo.

pepero oreo
Creatively called “white cookie” in Korean. Nom.

So the tradition itself is really quite simple. Buy Pepero and give them to someone. The boxes even have blank space for writing notes on the back to the lucky recipient, if you’d like to go so far. So when 11/11 rolls around and it’s Veteran’s Day in the USA, maybe the best way to remember those brave souls is to give them a box of Pepero, available for purchase on Amazon, of course.

Happy Pepero Day, Happy Veteran’s Day, oh and Happy Birthday to my little brother! I love you almost as much as I love “white cookie” flavored Pepero.


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my daily inspiration

everyday, I come across something or other that I need to do, which isn’t easy. I think about what I have to do, the words “this sucks” cross my mind and then I don’t want to do it. I think, “I should be happy. all the time.” and then it doesn’t get done. obviously some things are worth the effort and discomfort. other things are straight-up mandatory, like lesson-planning for my job. you can’t live ignoring all the difficult things because they don’t make you happy right away, I know that. but sometimes I still try. Continue reading my daily inspiration

Sports Day

today we had a mini-olympics for the kids. enjoy the photos!

no… I did not participate.

and yes, in that last photo… he is crossing the finish line gangnam style.
(what, gangnam style? watch this video.)

things I don’t understand

  • why I am teaching classes for my co-teacher, who has never actually spoken to me or acknowledged my presence and who asks me to do him these favors through the other co-teacher
  • middle school brains. like what ?!
  • why there is so much instant coffee everywhere and why most of it is pre-ruined with sugar and powdered milk
  • Korean men
  • men
  • Korean women
  • women
  • Korean
  • the widespread obsession with and variety of ramen noodles
  • what I’m doing in Korea attempting to teach incomprehensible middle school brains to speak English
  • why and mostly how acorns are used in that gelatin from lunch last week
  • how I’m still happy living in this kimchi saturated Asian land despite all of these things