questions without an answer

in any situation where you’re a fresh new face, people around you will be curious. they’ll ask questions and try to get to know you, understand your life and reasons for doing what you do. when it comes to traveling, this is certainly a big part of the trip: conversation. and I’ve found that you can decipher some of the values of a culture based on the everyday questions that people ask you. if you look closely enough, you can see the sociological borders of other lives, just based off the subject matter of the question at hand. so it’s not a one way street. questions aren’t just a chance for someone else to find out about you, they’re an opportunity for you to look into their lives just as much. but you have to pay attention. Continue reading questions without an answer

how to become exhausted

work a full-time job, which means rush through dinner four days a week to catch the bus and proceed to your part-time job.

teach an extra five classes on top of your normal class load, without warning or time to prepare. (at least those extra five were lessons from the book?)

continue to drill Korean words into your skull… over and over and over. Continue reading how to become exhausted

A Critique: Benny the Irish Polyglot’s Language Learning Method

[Note: this critique was spurred when I re-read this article from Benny about how studying doesn’t help when learning a language.]

I’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to language learning and the pursuit of fluency. When I was twelve, I began taking German classes in middle school. At 17, I stepped into a life in Austria and soon learned the difference between “learning” and “speaking” German. At 21, I decided to learn Spanish via complete immersion, and left after a semester both conversational and a little wiser as to how I learn languages in general. Now, I’m working on my third foreign language, Korean, and testing out the learning theories that I’ve formulated. I don’t speak a hundred languages and I don’t have a PhD, but I’ve learned a thing or two through these experiences. Continue reading A Critique: Benny the Irish Polyglot’s Language Learning Method