Celebrating My 3 Year Blogiversary!

Holy crap, I’ve been blogging for three years today.

My first ever blog post, posted on the original Tumblr blog was short, sweet, and the beginning of a whole lot of writing.


There I am, off to Argentina for a semester of getting fat and learning Spanish! And boy, did I do both of those very, very well.

After one last semester at University, I graduated and accepted a job teaching English in rural Korea. The Tumblr blog started up again and as time passed, my writing style evolved to be longer form and with more of a purpose. I had a hard time deciding at first whether I should move my blog to WordPress or not, deciding at first that I didn’t really want to be a “travel blogger.” But a few weeks later I changed my mind and went for the plunge.

On May 31st, 2013, I announced my move to WordPress and the A Breath of Foreign Air that you know now was born. (What do you think, a coming-of-age-Blogiversary?)

A lot of things have happened in the past 10ish months, let alone the last three years. I’ve transformed, the blog has transformed, my coffee addiction has remained just as gripping as ever and well over 500 blog posts have been written between my original Tumblr and this site. I’ve connected with way more people than I’d ever have dreamed of three years ago.

I’ve visited 9 new countries and spent 26 of the last 36 months of my life abroad; that’s over 70% of the last three years. (No wonder I don’t really have friends anymore…) I’ve learned Spanish, learned some Korean, re-learned Spanish and sharpened up my German. Last month I began learning French. I’ve grown exactly 0 inches, or 0 centimeters (0.000 millimeters) and remain vertically challenged, despite the fact that people often overestimate my height by several inches. I’ve eaten so many delicious noms.


So thinking about these past three years, one word comes to mind. I’m grateful. I’m so thankful to all of the support I’ve gotten from readers all over the world, whether they stuck with me for a few months or a few years, or even just a few days. My words are just words on a page, your responses and reactions are what bring the discussions to life and make this blog alive. And for that I’ll always be indebted to my readers.

Finally with three years down, the last thing I have to say is let the good times roll on. 🙂

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