Photoessay: Animals of the Aran Islands

One of my favorite things about visiting the Aran Islands in Ireland and staying for two weeks on Inishmoor, the largest island, was 100 million percent the animals all around me. I love animals, just because, and since I’ve had my fancy-schmancy DSLR camera I’ve also had a blast photographing animals as well. They’re a challenge. And they’re kinda cute, too. The perfect combination.

I’ve also never seen so many different colored cows on one tiny island in my entire life. It was pure aesthetic bliss, they contrasted so strongly with the bright green landscape and grey rock walls all around them. Perfection. Aside from just the cows, I saw horses, chickens, cats, dogs, donkeys, mules, horses… when it comes to farm animals, you name it and it was there. And taking pictures of it was so awesome, I had to make a photoessay. And then captions of what these animals were thinking at the time. I’m a little strange and I know it, it’s fine, continue on now!

IMG_0808 ED R

“I’ve never had my photograph taken while I’m eating, this is new.”

IMG_0844 ED R

“I think someone might be there but whatever, I’m too cool to care.”

IMG_0851 ED R

“WHO ARE YOU?” Cow behind him: “WHO IS SHE?”

IMG_0902 ED R

“If you don’t finish this picture in the next ten seconds, I’m moving.”

IMG_0866 ED R

“Love me. Pet me. Where is the food?”

IMG_0885 ED R

“What, you think you’re the first person to take pictures of me? Hah! I’m hot shit. Everyone does it.”

IMG_0949 ED R

“I’m a seal and I don’t give a fuck.”

IMG_0964 ED R

“Thanks for not making me get up for that shot.”

IMG_1829 ED R

“You should see me when I’m showered, you know. I’m gorgeous.”

IMG_1971 ED R

“Come any closer to me and I’ll… move away.”

IMG_2005 ED R

“Indeed, I’m a horse with a mustache. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

IMG_2012 ED R

“Take one step closer to my baby and I’ll ram you with my head, ya jerk.”

IMG_2016 ED R

“My house. My car. And you’re one step away from trespassing.”

IMG_2078 ED R

“Humans. So predictable.”

And the grand finale….

IMG_1882 ED R



Which animal is your favorite? Are you also obsessed with photographing animals or other weird things?

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iPhone Photoessay: Cats of Istanbul


Istanbul is huge: it covers three separate land masses and is filled with a seriously diverse bunch of people. Each neighborhood has a distinct feel and you could easily stay for a lifetime and keep it interesting. But there’s one thing that all areas have in common: street cats. A lot of them.

They are well fed by restaurant and store owners that set out food and take care of them. Many are friendly. Most just want to sit near the heat lamps you have set up near your table and eat the scraps that fall off your plate. Some are particularly adorable and many can be found in the most surprising of places. Enjoy the photographs.

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