the end of a job

after some shaky attendance and a few classes for which nobody showed up (causing me to lose three hours of my life), my teaching gig after-school has come to a close a little earlier than expected. while I’m sad that the class had to be prematurely canceled, I’m also relieved. not knowing whether no students or two students would show up to a class registered with over fifteen people was quite an annoyance. that’s what happens, though, when you offer free classes, after hours, with no repercussions for signing up and not attending… during one of the most stressful (and important!) months for the interns, who comprise over half of those registered. Continue reading the end of a job

my new powerplant job

today, I started a second job at the nearby powerplant. for the next three months, I’ll be teaching an hour-long beginner and intermediate English course for employees of the plant. four days a week, I’ll make the long journey (two miles?) over to a perfect example of the highly industrial part of Korea. the employees are offered these classes for free. what that means for me, then, is that attendance will be low. in the case of today’s class… very low.

I had one student.
out of ten enrolled. Continue reading my new powerplant job