Photoessay: Bariloche the Beautiful

No, I haven’t up and traveled to Argentina without telling you. But I have gone through my photo archives and found some photographs definitely worth sharing, even if my camera was nothing fancy. The gorgeous scenery of Bariloche made up for that and more.

Photos were taken in November 2011, during my month of Couchsurfing through Argentina.












Lovely place, is it not? Have you ever been?

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6 thoughts on “Photoessay: Bariloche the Beautiful”

  1. Bariloche is indeed lovely! I spent over a week there with my husband last year right at the end of summer, so it wasn’t overrun by tourists. Hiring bikes and going out on the circuit around the lakes is definitely a highlight from my time in South America.

    1. The lakes are amazing. Mountains and lakes are just a match made in heaven… everywhere in the world that they combine, it’s the best.

    1. Technically it was summer in Argentina! Or close to it, in November, since the seasons are switched. But when you get that far up a mountain, there’s always snow. So purdy. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos, fancy camera or not. I’m a firm believer that if it looks nice, it’s great photography. Mind you, my camera was $50 so I have to say that 😉

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