Instagrams of a Recovering Expat

No one comes back to their hometown from extended amounts of time overseas and feels immediately at home, or even like they fit in. I’m in my third month of living in the USA and sometimes I still feel like a weird outsider intruding on someone else’s world. But I’ve had to cope somehow, or else abandon my sanity, which doesn’t sound like a great idea. So I’m coping. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be where I am and working the job I have and in this position. But drastic transitions can be rough, dude!)

How? By surrounding myself with all those things I missed while I was abroad and just love to do, in general.

Like drip coffee and sitting in coffee shops for hours.

Like at-home cooking (in a full kitchen!) and farmer’s market finds.

Like arts and crafts and knitting scarves while listening to Beyonce.

Like dogs. So many dogs. All the dogs.

Like running everyday.

Like hanging with friends I’ve missed dearly (before they relocate to Guatemala like a jerk).

oh hi @hadleymeetsworld. #NewJersey #selfies #sneakattack

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Like bringing home real, physical books from the library.

Like roadtrips to awesome cities.

And lastly, like enjoying the city I’m in. Because Pittsburgh is kind of awesome.


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11 thoughts on “Instagrams of a Recovering Expat”

    1. I picked it up at random from the shelf without researching it… I’m surprised you’ve heard of the book. Guess I’m in for a (difficult) treat.

    1. Haha I finished a scarf during the summer… who needs incentive? 🙂 But seriously, I’d love to see some of your projects. Knitting friends woooweeee!

  1. Dude, having a kitchen with everything I need in it and having access to all my crafty shit are the only two things that make being back in Australia okay. I guess it’s been good to see the family, too 😛 But man, being able to find what I want in the supermarket and come home and have the things I need to cook it has been so good.

    1. I know! Crafts and food save my life. I’m appreciating Pittsburgh a lot though, with the nice weather, so it’s been pretty okay. It’s just always going to be hard living where you’re from, when you’ve been so many other cool places too.

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