Photoessay: New York, New York

Sorry for the radio silence on my end. I don’t have any good explanations for it, except to say that my heart’s not in it for some reason. And instead of writing something mediocre up, I’ve opted not to write. And it’s been some weeks now and that hasn’t changed.

So if my words aren’t going to work, then I’m going to let my photographs do the talking, instead. These were taken during a long weekend in “the city”, a place I’ve loved and love and maybe will always love. Maybe it’s the bagels. Who can say?

IMG_5783 ED R
IMG_5786 ED R
IMG_5790 ED R
IMG_5797 ED R
IMG_5799 ED R
IMG_5802 ED R
IMG_5807 ED R
IMG_5811 ED R
IMG_5812 ED R
IMG_5830 ED R
IMG_5851 ED R
IMG_5894 ED R
IMG_5896 ED R
IMG_5899 ED R
IMG_5901 ED R
IMG_5801 ED R
IMG_5835 ED R




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16 thoughts on “Photoessay: New York, New York”

    1. Thanks for saying that. 🙂

      And goooo to NYC! I’d tell you why but there are too many reasons and maybe you wouldn’t fly there from Central America / wherever just for bagels like I would hahaha.

  1. New York, my favourite place on earth. <3 I'll be heading back there in January and I can't wait!

    Also, don't worry about the radio silence – I'm right there with you and my heart's just not in it either these days.

  2. Ohh, the bagels. Bagels aren’t really a thing in Australia, I’ve only ever had them overseas. Although I did just see some at the supermarket the other day for the first time ever, so maybe we’re jumping on the bagel train. I’m all for it if that’s the case.

    I like your pictures, they look exactly like how I remember my time there.

    1. Bagels are the kind of American thing I’d like the entire world to get into… not McDonald’s. Bagels. (I did eat bagels in Albania though, so I think they must be catching on, yay!)

  3. Argh, I adore New York! It’s one of my favourite cities. And yes to the bagels – I had an absolutely divine one at a German bakery in Brooklyn, wish rice pudding for dessert.

    I know what you mean about writing, too. I suffered from a lack of inspiration for a couple of months, but now I’ve gotten back on track with things. Don’t force yourself, the words will come when it’s the right time.

    1. I’m holding out for words, they’re starting to come back a little. We’ll see. 🙂

      And I KNOWWW it’s like torture to know a city so wonderful exists and I’m not there all the time. Definitely. Those. Bagels.

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