Reading Roundup: The Harry Potter Series

After February and March slipped away with no books read, and I wrote the most pathetic reading roundup of my blogging career, I got to work. And somehow in the back of my head I knew that as soon as I got my little reading paws on the entire Harry Potter Series, it was going to go the same way as The Wheel of Time Series: light speed. I was right.

I had a four hour ferry ride and a (torturous) ten hour bus ride in the middle of the night on my way to London, England. On a ferry across the English channel is where Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone began. Highly appropriate.

Somehow over the next 11 days, between sightseeing throughout London and Paris and my homecoming of sorts (now that my parents live there) to Germany, I fit in a disgusting amount of reading. My previous excuses of not having enough time in Spain? Self delusion. I just wasn’t picking the right books. Although realizing that I indeed don’t get motion sickness when I read in the car was another wonderful revelation. The hours between London and Paris have never passed so quickly… of course I’ve never driven that route in my entire life, so of course it’s never passed so quickly, but what I’m trying to say is that Harry Potter sucked me in.

And yes, believe it: I’ve never read Harry Potter before this. I know that blows your mind, but just let it sink in and then continue on. Really, people like me exist! I can say that I watched all of the movies, though maybe not in order and definitely not on time. But I’m officially in the Harry Potter club now! (Someone send me my “Potter Stinks” badge, when you have the time.)

Let’s look at the numbers:

Seven books

Eleven days

4,224 pages

Four countries
(Ireland, England, France, Germany)

384 pages per day

One ferry

One bus

One fever

Two cars

A lot of people asking “You’re quiet, are you okay?”
“Yeah! I’m just reading.”

Platform 9¾ in London. I was too busy eating delicious things to go visit in person while I was there, but that’s okay: that’s what someone else’s photos are for!

And what was the verdict? Well, the books were great. They were a little easier to read than I’d have liked, but they are seven children’s novels so I really have no room to complain. They’re written that way on purpose. The story line is of course fantastic, the characters lovable (Luna, dawww!) and the ending quite perfectly executed. I don’t think I’ll be doing any yearly rereads like some other Potter fans do, but I also didn’t grow up with the books so they don’t have any nostalgic significance to me. (The Wheel of Time Series on the other hand…) Still, a quick but great read as far as series go.

Best of all, though, is that Harry Potter brought me to the reading train platform and I jumped right on board. And it feels good.

Have you ever read the Harry Potter series? What’s your reading record for the seven books? Have recommendations for more book series?

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