Photoessay: Carneval and Cádiz

Cádiz, a small city on the southwest coast of Spain, is seemingly quiet. The waves are a surreal pale green, the sand white and clean and the boardwalk was surprisingly empty as I went for an “early” morning run at 9 am. It was a Saturday morning in late February, and the peace of Cádiz was in full effect, but within hours the streets would take on a very different feel. Carneval is a celebration that occurs just before Lent all over the world, mostly in countries that had a strong Catholic influence in the past. People dress up in costumes, eat, drink, sing, march in parades and generally just indulge in all of those things you’re supposed to give up for Lent. Cádiz is the epicenter of Spain’s festivities; before the actual festivities dancers and groups spend weeks practicing and preparing for the grand celebration.

But running down the beach boardwalk at 9 am Saturday morning, aside from the occasional group of costumed teenagers still awake from the night before, you would never know. The peace, the ocean and the patter of my feet on pavement filled the air.

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Have you ever been to Carneval in Spain? To Cádiz? Would you like to wear one of those blue or green tutus, too? (Hands up, because I do!)

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14 thoughts on “Photoessay: Carneval and Cádiz”

  1. My tutu would have be yellow, please! (I used to have a yellow tutu as a small child, and recently came across some wonderful photos of myself dancing in it like no one was watching!) I was in Cadiz in December 2012 and found it to be a pleasant little city. Glad you had a fun time!

    1. Thanks Julie! I was especially taken by all the costumes, I wish I could have captured more of them. It was such a cool city with crazy contrasts to take pictures in, really fun to try and capture!

  2. I love all of these photos but the second and fourth ones are fantastic. 😀 Really amazingly well-shot. And I love the one of you on the wall too. Haha.

    1. Thanksss gurlll 😀

      I’m trying to include more pictures of myself recently, since I can’t keep changing my profile picture on Facebook all the time… that one is a favorite. 🙂

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