November Reading Roundup

I started this November out with some gung-ho reading habits.

Then I slowed down (way down, one book in two weeks down) and acted much more like a normal person; seeing friends, running errands and cleaning my house. Part of the reason I read so much, so quickly, is because I rented several library books all at once, and then realized I needed to read them all within two weeks. The thing about rented eBooks is that they return themselves when the time is up… both great and terrible. Needless to say, I learned my lesson, I will only be renting one eBook at a time from here on out. (Okay, maybe two. But never again four!)

November was full of nonfiction, but the reading was far from dry. I learned a lot about a huge variety of subjects (as I like to do), so I’m pretty happy with this month’s mental exercise. If I had to pick a favorite for November, then I’d choose Woman: An Intimate Geography. It’s a book that I can feel will stay with me for a while.

Ready to see the list? Take a look:

Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer

Nonfiction / Recommended

The topic is a fiery one: political corruption. The author does an excellent job of using both Republican and Democratic examples of corruption. I think we all know there are shady dealings at the top, but he spells out exactly how they happen, how they’re legal and why it’s not okay. At times, reading this made me sick to my stomach.

Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese

Fiction / Recommended

There were tears, smiles and vigorous page turns while I read this book. It’s fascinating because of its descriptions of Africa and it’s captivating in the way good fiction should be. Oh, and profound, quotable life lessons galore.

Lovely Quote: “In all things, especially when it cost little and did no harm to others, Ghosh was his own man.”

Thank you Steve from Twenty First Century Nomad for the recommendation!

Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

Nonfiction / Recommended

This was one of those rare books that really made a noticeable impact on my soul, I just feel different having read it. On my required reading list for every human on the planet, especially women, this book would be front and center. A top Amazon reviewer described the book perfectly: “scientific poetry”. Indeed.

Zen Under Fire: How I Found Peace in the Midst of War by Marianne Elliot

November reading roundup review zen under fire

Nonfiction / Recommended

Amazon says this book was over 300 pages, but it felt like a lot less. The memoir was interesting, emotional and a much-needed window into Afghanistan’s humanity and culture. And if you wanted someone to convince you of the benefits of yoga and meditation, I think you’ve found your book.

Tent Life in Siberia by George Kennan

Nonfiction / Neutral

Kennan recounts two years spent exploring Siberian Russia, living in tents, traveling on dog sleighs and spending time with indigenous populations. It’s an adventure book, with tidbits of fascinating information about what he saw, written in the late 1800s. I’m neutral on recommending it, just because adventure books aren’t really up my alley and I didn’t love it, but if you like this genre, then you’ll enjoy this book.

P.S. It’s free!


Have book suggestions? I want to hear about them!

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7 thoughts on “November Reading Roundup”

  1. That’s a great list Sally, and you’re welcome.

    Like I said when I recommended several books to you, I would never have discovered most of the amazing books I’ve read in recent years if it wasn’t for them being recommended to me by my fabulous girlfriend Leslie (Check out here brilliant writing here: & It’s all thanks to her. And be sure, there are plenty more where they came from.

    1. I’ve seen her blog, I like it quite a bit!

      And I’ve still got the rest of the list you sent me to tackle, hopefully I can fit a few good reads in this December between my hectic preparations, etc. Actually, I definitely will have to, at least for my sanity! Hah!

  2. I love your reading roundups! I added a few more titles to my “to read” list.

    What e-reader do you use? I have a kindle, and when I check out e-books from my home library it only automatically removes them from my kindle on the due date IF I’m hooked up to wifi. If not, I have the book until I choose to connect to wifi… which might not be for a while, since I don’t have wifi at home.

    1. That’s an awesome Kindle hack! (I also have a Kindle) I have Wifi at home, though, so I’ll have to check and see about temporarily disconnecting it if I’m not done with a book. Maybe that can be done.

      And I’m glad you like the round up! It’s one of my favorite posts to write, these days… I just love books… haha. If you have any recommendations, send them my way! πŸ™‚

    1. I just put up a giveaway for a copy, so try to win one first! πŸ™‚ Check the December Reading Roundup post, it just went up.

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