iPhone Photoessay: Ruins of Salamis in Cyprus

Back in January of last year, I met my mom for nine days of vacation in Istanbul and Cyprus. We didn’t have much time on this little island, just two days and some family friends to meet, but those two days were days to remember. We spent one afternoon climbing Saint Hilarian Castle and another day walking here, through the ancient Greek ruins of Salamis.

The weather was beautiful, the ocean was lapping against the shore in the background and the sky was a bright cheery blue. As far as iPhone pictures go, these turned out about as well as I could hope. (But yes, I’m still kicking myself for not getting a DSLR already! Argh!) Sadly, my memory is a little foggy and I can’t tell you exactly what all these pictures are of exactly, but hey, they’re still pretty. That counts for something right? And I remember which picture is of the ancient Roman toilets. Good enough!

[For more information, you can also read the Wikipedia page about Salamis.]

salamis ruins cyprus photo
When you’re greeted by a cute dog, you know it’s going to be a nice day.
salamis ruins cyprus january
Entering the ruins… we were the only ones there.
cyprus salamis ruins statue headless
Oh no, the statues don’t have heads!
gymnasium salamis cyprus picture
According to Wikipedia, this was a gymnasium.
pillars gymnasium salamis cyprus ruins
These pillars have all been restored as far as I know, which admittedly isn’t very far, but they look beautiful nonetheless.
public toilets salamis cyprus ruins
These are the public toilets!!!! But don’t ask me how they work.
gymnasium cyprus salamis photograph
Another view of the gymnasium.
salamis cyprus ruins field photograph
The green and the blue and the sun and the spotty clouds combined into a purely delightful view.
salamis cyprus wall ruins
There were a lot of parts of a wall and half formed arches, all overgrown and crumbling. That’s how I like my ruins.
snails grass salamis cyprus
Life in the dead city! These little snails were all over the place.
salamis cyprus ruins ocean
I can only imagine how gorgeous this city must have been in its glory days, with the sea in the background.
amphitheater salamis cyprus ruins photograph
The amphitheater is huge and you can run and climb all over it, since it’s been restored and isn’t actually thousands of years old. Only kind of.
amphitheater cyprus salamis statue
What amphitheater would be complete without a headless statue?
salamis ruins pillars cyprus
Unsure of what this is, but it was large and there were a lot of pillars involved. Perhaps the Temple of Zeus?
pillar salamis cyprus photograph picture
It’s so cool that you can still see the carvings at the top of some of these pillars. Incredible!
carved stone salamis cyprus roman
SO COOL. Could I have a Roman travel forward in time and carve some pillars for me, too?
exit steps arch walls ruins salamis cyprus
Saying goodbye to the neat walkways and old rocks.

Salamis, you’ve been a treat. And I’ll be back… with a better camera.


Have you ever been to Cyprus or to the ruins of Salamis? What do you think life was like in this city, back in Roman times? How did you like those toilets?

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