Photoessay: Stunning Sunsets in Rural Korea

My area, particularly Waymok Beach is actually quite famous within Korea for its incredible sunsets. I live a few kilometers from the famed beach view, but my view of the sunset is usually pretty stunning, regardless. Framed by seemingly endless rice paddies, some beautiful cloud formations and a distant ocean, I’ve managed to capture a few killer shots. I also took a little trip to the nearby seawall to capture the photographs with the pagoda in them.

So enjoy this assortment of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen in my area, and my attempts to catch them on camera. Whoever said that the countryside was boring obviously didn’t look around long enough to catch these beautiful moments.



IMG_0831 R ED



IMG_0854 R ED


IMG_5449 R ED

IMG_9265 R ED

IMG_0884 R ED


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16 thoughts on “Photoessay: Stunning Sunsets in Rural Korea”

    1. Aw, I’m glad you liked it! Even though they’re all sunsets, these pictures always bring me a little light when I’m looking at them. šŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha! Ah yes. This used to be just the four pictures of the pagoda, and I revamped it, added more photos and republished it. But your comment stayed on.

    1. Thanks! I do love that one. Sunsets are incredible, I’m glad I’ve had the photography practice at home. Now I’m totally ready for the rest of the world’s sunsets, too! (Or sunrises =] )

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