Housekeeping! Blog-Stalk Me

With a switch a few months back from Tumblr, to the recent surges in traffic thanks to Adventurous Kate’s post (so many thanks, Kate!), it’s now becoming more important for me to outline all the ways you can stay up to date with me, if you’d like. Readers, I love you, and I don’t wanna lose you because I didn’t make it clear enough that you can follow me on Facebook, or Twitter or the list goes on. So here I am, outlining it all. Let’s get to it.

ABOFA Facebook Page: I write little anecdotes and such on the Facebook Page, where you can also easily get in touch with me, too.

ABOFA Twitter: I tweet not just when I post, but random small things about my oh-so-boring life in South Korea. Like having to wear two pairs of pants, now, because it’s winter. Sad day.

ABOFA Tumblr: Yes, where it all started. I still update my Tumblr each time I write a new post, and on the rare occasion will update with something small or a photograph, that you don’t see on the blog.

ABOFA RSS Feed: Google Reader died, but there are plenty of other websites that popped up to fill the void.

The tried and true (and spam free) email subscription list: Look at the little popup in the bottom right hand corner, and you’ll see something that says “Follow”. Expand it, enter your email and poof! You’ll get new blog posts straight to your inbox. Fabulous. There’s also an input box in the right column, right under my smiling face.

ABOFA on Blog Lovin’: This is similar to an RSS Reader (and you can import your information from your current reader), but it’s much cleaner and easier to search for new blogs. I’m there.

Other: If you know what a WordPress Dashboard is, then you know how to follow me there. If not, don’t worry about it. There may also be a Pinterest account coming, but it’s still in the works. You can also simply bookmark this website in your browser, and check for new content every few days. Last, but not least, you can call me and say, “Yo, Sally, anything new? Send it to me!” and I’ll say “FINE, but you can just join the email list! It’s so much easier!” and shake my fist at you, like the grandmother I’m slowly becoming.

Any questions? The comment section is all yours! Thanks for not punching me in the face for writing such a boring, pragmatic post. Sometimes it just has to happen, ya know.

Now resuming normal, wonderful, fascinating and brilliantly-composed content.