Photoessay: A Neighborhood in Rural Taean

Over a long weekend, I took a little trip to Padori Beach in Taean, South Korea. The area is remote to say the least, so finding a remote place in a remote area? Turns out it yields some interesting photographs. These are from a small neighborhood tucked behind the beach and quite a bit away from the main roads. From the photographs it would seem as though the whole place is deserted, but that’s not the case. I just happen to wake up and take my dog for walks at hours when civilization isn’t ready for it. Also, the few people I saw were elderly Korean ajummas. And one does not simply take a picture of an ajumma, my friend.

Enjoy yet another look into rural, countryside life in the high-tech internet capital of the world, South Korea. The contrast is amazing, isn’t it?

(The featured photograph of a farm ladder from a little bit ago was also taken during this walk.)

IMG_5308 ED R

IMG_5315 ED R

IMG_5319 ED R

IMG_5324 ED R

IMG_5336 ED R

IMG_5337 ED R

IMG_5345 ED R

IMG_5343 ED R
(You can buy prints of this photograph here.)

IMG_5344 ED R

IMG_5347 ED R

IMG_5327 ED R

IMG_5349 ED R

IMG_5351 ED R

IMG_5353 ED R

IMG_5357 ED R

IMG_5359 ED R

IMG_5364 ED R

IMG_5372 ED R

IMG_5375 ED R


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8 thoughts on “Photoessay: A Neighborhood in Rural Taean”

  1. You’re right! Great little details. I did love this.
    My favourite is definitely the clothes line. Plus I love your pup. x

  2. Love these photos – they offer a great glimpse into rural SK. What kind of camera do you use?

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I love the little details you’ve focused on – It almost gives little glimpses into the lives of the people who live there without actually showing any people.

    1. Those details are the best part not just of random neighborhood walks, but of life abroad! Everyone needs to spend some more time looking in corners, in my opinion. That’s where the best stuff is. I’m glad you liked the pictures!

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