being sick in Korea

no matter where you are in the world, being sick sucks.

but as an expat, it’s even more miserable, because the likelihood that your mother will fly in with six blankets and endless amounts of chicken noodle soup for you to eat is pretty close to zero.

I’ve been sick twice, probably because I work in a middle school where students are expected to attend classes even when they are sick. which leads to germs spreading and me ending up with a fever. ironically, I still go to work and just nap, hidden in the English room, the entire time to try and combat it. which is exactly why I get sick, because someone didn’t stay home. whatever, it’s the way it works in Korea!

here is the advice I’ve gotten from coworkers as to what I should do when I am sick:

  • go to the hospital
  • get a Korean boyfriend

and that’s about all the advice they’ve given me.

I have no words. really, none. I’ll just let those two pieces of advice sink in.

just… yeah…