apathy and the week

this past week hasn’t been exactly as usual, but for some reason, I’m completely apathetic to anything “interesting” that’s happened. the past few days I’ve been in one of those moods where even crazy things could happen to me, and I’d simply blink one time and think, “well… that’s life.” end scene. walk away. eat some rice.

so instead of elaborating on anything in particular, I’ll just list out some of the things I’ve been up to lately. if the mood strikes me and I regain my soul/enthusiasm, then I will elaborate at a later time. (maybe listening to Lana Del Rey isn’t helping?)

first and most exciting, my mom and I planned and booked plane tickets for the winter vacation in January… and we’re going to Istanbul! I’m thrilled. it’s cheaper than either of us visiting the other and it’s a vacation somewhere really cool. the next two months will hopefully fly by, so it can be vacation time already!

an extensive and varied mixing set was bought for my kitchen. baking powder imported from Germany / not weird tasting was found and purchased. pancakes were made and very quickly consumed… far more successful than last time and extra fluffy.

I cleaned my whole house. then it got dirty again.

the school had an all day festival on Friday: English pop song performances, speeches, and then a variety show which included mostly dancing and singing. I may or may not have sung a solo as well, mostly because the thought of doing that terrifies me. and if it terrifies me, then I usually agree to do it. but I will neither confirm nor deny that this happened.

today, I got dressed only to walk to the grocery store and back. it’s another Saturday night in: TV, movies, Law & Order, Korean flashcard studying, books… who knows what wonderful activity is in store for me, tonight.

oh and I found the Law & Order reruns channel on TV. life: complete.

goodnight, all. hopefully I’ll find my enthusiasm again, soon. till next time!