the end of a job

after some shaky attendance and a few classes for which nobody showed up (causing me to lose three hours of my life), my teaching gig after-school has come to a close a little earlier than expected. while I’m sad that the class had to be prematurely canceled, I’m also relieved. not knowing whether no students or two students would show up to a class registered with over fifteen people was quite an annoyance. that’s what happens, though, when you offer free classes, after hours, with no repercussions for signing up and not attending… during one of the most stressful (and important!) months for the interns, who comprise over half of those registered.

the students I met, though, were all wonderful people who just had too much on their plate and couldn’t continue attending classes. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with many of them. but hey. life, work, obligations. they come first, right?

anyways, I’m also relieved because my super-rushed schedule has now relaxed, considerably. I can actually make dinner for myself, now, instead of eating Ramen as fast as I can, before my 20 minute timer ran out and I had to catch the bus to job #2. now, I can leisurely stuff Ramen noodles into my face, indulge in the spicy, sodium-packed powder and yummy hidden chemicals present in my bowl of instant noodles. I’m really looking forward to this change of pace. (then again, let’s just be honest… I’m going to be lazy and eat an entire carrot raw and call it dinner. have I no shame? whatever.)

things I learned from teaching adults:

  • real conversations always trump lesson “plans”
  • they will ask about everything; there are no secrets
  • no one is too young to be bribed with candy
  • games are not only for children
  • dinner actually means food, soju, and either karaoke or another bar/club to follow; the soju is nonnegotiable
  • also, soju. just soju.

an enjoyable two and a half months. to my students, now friends: thanks for the fun times!