getting back to work

I’ve been on vacation from the middle school for, oh, a month or so. I’ve started my second job in the evenings and have by no means been bored out of my mind, but tomorrow, Monday… it’s back to work. kids come back, classes resume and my schedule will be in full swing. and it’s gonna kick my butt.

this is how my life will look for the next two months (until my second job ends).

Monday – Thursday:

work, 8am-5pm
catch the bus to my second job, 5:45pm
get home, 8:15pm


work, 8am-5pm
Korean lesson, 7pm

when do I eat dinner (M-Th), you ask? hah. dinner is for the weak! just kidding, I bought some granola bars to tide me over everyday until I get back.

when do I work out? I’ve been working out in the evenings, but I think I might switch it up and hit the track at 6am a few days a week. with coffee… anything is possible.

what will I do on the weekends? probably melt into my bed and die. just kidding! I will likely just run errands that I haven’t had time to get done during the week. I think this is when people are social, right? I’ll do some of that, too.

all these commitments also mean one more thing: I will have to multitask like a champ. it’s cool, guys, I’ve got this covered.